EFT and EFT with Source Technique™

What Is EFT?

Some of the "tapping points' used during an EFT session. No needling is required - EFT can even be done over the phone!

Some of the “tapping points’ used during an EFT session. No needling is required – EFT can even be done over the phone!

As seen and heard on the Dr. Oz show and from Hay House publishers, EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Techniques” and is a revolutionary healing technique that combines talk therapy, energy psychology, and the acupuncture points used in Chinese medicine (though no needling is needed).It is often also called “tapping”. One of the greatest discoveries of the last century was that  tapping on the end points of the major meridians (the same meridians used during an acupuncture session) helps individuals rapidly be free of unwanted emotions. (Science has proven we have electrical currents that run throughout our bodies – meridians are like energy highways that conduct this energy). It is also a great tool for programming the subconscious mind for success, releasing endorphins, and feeling great! The practice of EFT uses the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments but without the invasiveness of needles. When we tap on the meridians while talking we can release blockages in our energy fields. EFT is the most post popular technique in a rapidly growing field called “energy psychology”.

A session typically consists of clarifying the issue, then tapping along the end points of the body’s major energy meridians as you  “tune in” to the emotion or problem you are having, thereby clearing out old patterns of stress, trauma, anxiety, grief, sadness and other unwanted emotions and replacing them with more empowering thoughts, beliefs and affirmations.

EFT quite simply, is an effective, drug-free and relatively easy way for people to begin feeling better, fast. An individual can learn it and do it on their own, and/or they can receive it from a practitioner.

It used widely used and becoming more widely used every day by psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, life coaches, and other practitioners as well as every day people.

What Is EFT With Source Technique™?

An advanced level of the EFT application is a proprietary technique developed by our mentor called EFT with Source Technique™. EFT with Source Technique™ is a combination of deliberate methods to enable a Certified Practitioner to quickly identify the “root cause” of a problem and then with use of tapping, eliminate or substantially reduce the charge of the trauma, pain, anxiety, addiction, cravings, discomfort, etc. In this way, the client is more likely to experience lasting relief without recurrence of the problem. Think of it like pulling a weed out by the root, instead of just lopping off the leaves. When you get to the source, you minimize the chances of the problem returning. With Source Technique™ every session is completely customized to the individual client for maximum effectiveness. Source Technique™ can be used before, during, and after hypnosis for even higher efficacy. Source Technique™ is the next generation of EFT healing, because of it’s ability to zero in on and release root causes of conditions for rapid and effective healing.

EFT with Source technique™ is far more effective then other EFT techniques for it’s ability to zero in on TRUE ROOT CAUSES. We do not just tap on the symptoms when using EFT with Source Technique – we find out the source, and then treat the CAUSE of issues – not just the effect.

Why Do  EFT? 

Here are just some of the benefits that have been reported, recorded and documented with even just one EFT session:

1) complete healing of health conditions, even “chronic” ones

2) relief from unwanted emotions, like stress, anxiety, grief, sadness, anger, etc.

3) relief from addictions

4) improvements in intimate, family,  and business relationships; and relationship to self

5) support with weight loss (majority of our clients have lost 20+ lbs in 6 weeks with 6 EFT sessions)

6) feeling more positive; increased feelings of happiness, freedom, inspiration, and motivation etc.

7) ease and rapidness of manifesting goals/desires etc. such as prosperity

How To Do EFT:

In general, there are three main steps to our version of EFT:

  1.  Identify the root cause of the problem through a conversation or other way of “resourcing” (there are at least 4 different ways to do this)
  2.   Tap on the negative, thereby clearing out the old emotions/feelings.
  3.   Tap on the positive, thereby affirming new,  more empowering beliefs etc. into both the conscious and subconscious mind,

Each session takes approximately 55 minutes and if history is any indication, you will be in a much better space when you leave then when you came in.

Ready to try EFT? 

If you would like to explore if EFT with Source Technique™ is right for you, we are happy to do a complimentary Discovery Session with you. Email consciouslifecoaching@gmail.com, call (818) 288-6358 or use the link below to set up your session today.


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