“I cannot believe how much my life transformed in only FOUR sessions with Jennifer ”

C.C, Venice, CA

Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker is an angel here on earth. I have been using Jennifer’s services off and on for the last year or so. I was struggling with some dynamics at my work place. Jennifer put me through hypnosis, performed EFT and she sourced (identified) what the root cause was of my play in the dynamics. She helped me release what caused me to feel uncomfortable and insecure in my work place. (Which had nothing to do with work of course)!

Because of the work we did I saw results immediately – the following week my sales went up 2 fold. I was awarded one of the top producers in our state. So exciting to manifest results so quickly!

And just lately I was nominated the Rookie of the Quarter winning a large sum of money. But most of all I feel grounded and confident. The things that pushed my buttons no longer effective me and I am able to go about my day without worrying about the people who use to affect me before.

I highly recommend Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker to anyone wanting to change their life!

Thank you Jennifer!

S.V., Westchester CA

“I originally came to Jennifer for coaching/EFT sessions because my life was a mess and I had no peace of mind or hope or knowing what to do in order to change my situation.The result of ALL coaching sessions was AMAZING, and in a few short weeks, I moved from being a terror and panic-stricken client to one who now has more peace of mind and a clear path to my preferred future!!!!!

There were many breakthrough moments with EFT and hypnosis coaching sessions …which created much relief from the fear and pain and led to the opportunity to create something much more fulfilling for my life!!!!!
I don’t believe that any improvements could have been made to any of my sessions because Jennifer’s level of intuitive skills and talents always led her to provide the best healing that was necessary in that moment to move me forward and to help me. Her skills and talents ALWAYS led to the best possible outcome for me because she cared that I got the best help and direction possible.Conscious-Life-Coaching definately deserves a 5+ out of 5 for professionalism and discernible results.

Jennifer is a wonderful and Amazing coach , very sensitive, compassionate, intuitive and understanding…SECOND TO NONE!!!!

I have spent the last 25 years as a client and participant in workshops, retreats and seminars etc.so I consider myself adept at knowing and recognizing quality instruction and coaching. One of the MOST authentic people I have ever met who actually walks her talk in every step she takes.

She is creating her own life exactly how she wants it and shares these experiences when appropriate with’ her clients to help guide them to their own truth and clarity.She was always respectful and considerate and caring in all of her interactions with me.She is an extremely talented and skillful coach and instructor and I am so very grateful I had the opportunity to work with her!!!!!

~D. Ohm, Canada

“I absolutely love Rich and Jennifer and am so grateful to have met them. Each of them as individuals have a powerful energy and a clear understanding of the Law of Attraction. The combined methods of their specific modalities were a perfect pairing to address the specific blocks that were preventing me from deliberately manifesting my desires and creating the life of my dreams. Each meeting with either of them is a “high”, in and of itself, and I always walk away feeling that I have made a significant personal breakthrough. I have been made aware of powerful truths and have found great clarity that has allowed me to more deliberately align myself to what I want to attract. By clearing old ideas and split energy, and then mindfully applying specific principles of LOA, I have seen tangible evidence of my life becoming truly magical. The power of the Law of Attraction is undeniable. Both Jennifer and Rich are personal advocates and partners in my own quest to harness the tremendous power of this law in order to bring about the ultimate reflection of my true desires and highest joy in the reality of my daily life. I found that the combination of each of their gifts and offerings are a perfect package to take me to the next level in being a co-creator of the life I have always wanted to live.”

(Written by the same coaching client later, after four love coaching sessions)

“…She lives .8 miles away, and we are so in sync, Jenn. It is so incredible. It is so easy. It is magical and passionate and romantic and smart and stable and she has LITERALLY every quality I want in someone, as well. I cannot CANNOT believe what I was willing to settle for prior to experiencing her. She is communicative and expresses her feelings toward me so openly and eloquently. We talk about everything and it feels safe and secure, while at the same time, liberating. She wants and is ready for a long-term relationship and does not play games AT ALL. She has everything I have ever imagined and exceeds my expectations. She literally came “out of nowhere” and the Universe has blown my mind with this one. I am so in love. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you for all you did to help prepare me to meet her. W.O.W.”

V.M., Venice, CA

“I had such an amazing EFT/Hypnotherapy session with the beautiful and lovely Jennifer Gaynor yesterday. Feeling lighter and brighter. I’m so grateful to you Jen! If you’re feeling the need to release any energetic blocks that are limiting your evolution, I highly recommend you book a session with her. She’s a treasure. <3”

Sabina P., Los Angeles, CA

“I was first introduced to Conscious Life Coaching through a Meetup workshop that they sponsored – I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by Jen and signed up for a free consultation session without hesitation.  I left that meetup workshop feeling inspired and uplifted.   I had such a great experience within the first twenty minutes of my private session that I signed up for a package of lessons.  Jen is a great life coach – she listens with an open heart and mind and is not afraid to share her own experiences if she thinks they will help.  In our sessions we worked on a range of issues from work, daily life stresses, time management, dealing with difficult people, relationships (family, friends, love life) and more.  She brings her background and diverse knowledge in practices such as NLP, EFT and relationship coaching and provides useful tools and techniques to address a broad range of issues. And her skills at leading EFT sessions are extremely impressive.  She makes people feel at ease and is totally non-judgmental and empathetic in her approach.  She also leads a great vision board workshop that was truly inspiring and lots of fun.  If anyone is looking for a great life coach – Jen and Conscious Life Coaching should be a first contact! Highly recommended.”

LATER, after a 12 -pack of love and life coaching sessions, she wrote:

“I  actually met someone and am soo happy!  He is all those things I put in my escrow*. 🙂 I feel like a giddy girl. And everything we have worked on has helped so much – so thank YOU!”

Stephanie B., Santa Monica, CA

“Hi Jennifer, thanks for your note.

So far, I have lost 21 lbs in the six weeks since the workshop.

I feel what has helped me the most was doing the LOVING YOURSELF Tapping a lot (I just love it) along w/ all the release work, prayer that I’ve been doing.

Just letting go of all the “S***”, judgments and turning things around. I find myself not very hungry these days at all either. And just choosing to FEEL BETTER which was something I really got from you.

I’ve started a bit of a cardio routine 20 mins of interval training: every 4 minutes w/ the 5th minute I run fast on the treadmill. But that is really new so it had nothing to do w/ the weight release. I’m not trying very hard, I just don’t have the desire to eat as much anymore”

K.K, Los Angeles, CA

“Rich is incredible. I call him my ‘self-esteem’ coach. He has a very simple, straight-forward way of cutting through the mess, getting to the point, and getting rid of blocks. Things get cleared, and they don;t come back, I recommend Rich to anyone who feel stuck in some aspect of the their life – finance, romance, etc.”

~ Laura H., Studio City, CA

“Hi Jen,

I wanted to send you a little note to follow up on how things have been unfolding lately since our last EFT session a couple of weeks ago.

You recall that I wanted to release stress and emotions related to my living situation and especially by the nature of my house mate’s volatile behavior. Well, what I want to report to you is that even though there hasn’t been anything talked about between him and I, it seems that there has been a remarkable shift in his mood, (and mine) and it has just been an all-together more peaceful experience for me emotionally, mentally and even physically.

The “external” matters aren’t resolved but I think it just goes to show that the power of the universe transcends outer circumstances regardless of the intention set forth at the beginning of emotional clearing session.

In other words, the behavior in him was indirectly impacted by the intention I sent the universe without really involving him at all. Things also shifted for me in place of that, tid-bits of opportunities popped up for me, for example teaching 2 more yoga classes per week, dating someone new), all thanks to your talent and professionalism!

I do appreciate it Jen and I believe in your abilities, talents, and abilities as a “healer” 100-fold! Please use any or all of about my personal growth/self discovery as testimony to your career success. The EFT has made a remarkable impact in the quality if my life and I am filled with sincere gratitude… So thank YOU!

Thanks again and many blessings to you!”


A Few Months Later, he wrote:

“What are some especially important things that make up a GREAT Life Coach? What are some of the most essential components of a successful coaching relationship? Who is it that has all of those talents and gifts rolled up in to one?

JENNIFER GAYNOR, THAT’S WHO! She has the drive of a 10 ton truck, the enthusiasm of 100 olympic atheletes, and the sincerity of a true life-long friend.

All these qualities and more make Jennifer a professional in her field! From just a few visits I’ve had with Jen, the EFT sessions and group workshops my life has been impacted in countless positive ways by her generosity, her razor sharp focus, listening, and patience while I rambled on endlessly about my day to day challenges, roommates, and money problems.

The techiques I have worked on with Jen have helped me to tell a different story and attract wealth, love and abundance in to my life. The possibilities are endless now, the opportunities are pouring in from all directions and I’m loving every minute of it! I am a yoga teacher- I come face to face with nearly 200 people a week and I feel as if the balance between sharing my gifts and recieving them back is paying off tremendously.

Thank you Jennifer Gaynor for all your compassion, understanding, professionalism, kindness, empathy and love. I am truly grateful to have you in my corner and for guiding me towards living a more empowering, joyful life!”

Brian Hill
(Los Angeles, CA)

A Few Months Later, Brian H. Wrote:

“I just want to update you again on how the progress made in the last EFT workshop has impacted me positively lately. I will begin by saying that clearing the ex-gf stuff out has made the same peace within me as the former roommate EFT did! I can feel lt, the space made and this time that has gone by has proved its solid results. I want to thank you again for being such a “god send” in my life, not only are you caring and kind, but I know I did this work with a proven method time and time again. I know EFT has healing capabilities. Other relationship possibilities are in the making now because the focus is no longer on the old, just the new and moving forward. Also the new apartment, the garden, the yoga,.. This year has started out on the right note for sure!”

BRIAN H., Santa Monica, CA

“Rich has a way of sneaking up on your ego from behind and slashing it to pieces!

He does this by reminding you to “feel” instead of think so much, and by guiding you down a path of creating positive, powerful change in your life.

I am truly inspired by his “layed back” but razor sharp attention to correcting ones intellect… as he has with mine on occasion! :-)”

B.H., Los Angeles, CA

“My session with Jennifer was an unbelievable journey from my consciousness into the deepest layer of my subconscious. She understands how to draw out what’s at the core of an individual. I felt so open and connected and she made me feel comfortable and safe wrapped in a blanket of love and compassion. Jennifer brought me into a relaxed state of total surrender and trust so that my heart opened so wide that issues from deeper layers came to surface and I found myself really emotional trusting the welcoming and authentic presence of this powerful woman. I invite everyone to have a session with her as Jennifer is very powerful. I am looking forward to continue my journey with and explore more of my subconscious beliefs.”

(A.J) – Berkely, CA

“Rich has been my intellectual mentor and performance coach for the past 18mos. As a professional athlete, I am continually evaluating my physical and mental performance. Just prior to my decision to turn pro, I found myself afflicted with shifting goalposts. In my sport, outcomes are overloaded with emphasis, leading to habitual performance anxiety. In fact, in the culture of the sport, the anxiety is prized and good players are said to possess it. That never sat well with me, but I was in emulation mode and was willing to go with convention – at least for a time. I wanted to go pro, thus I figured it was necessary to do what the pros do.

I found myself stressing over what to practice, how long, when it is acceptable to employ what I gained in all that practice, and if I didn’t achieve the expected results, blame it on all that practice. I harbored useless illusions, tending to them instead of allowing the moment to arrive. There reached a point where I wasn’t enthused to continue. My game is dear to me, thus I took a break to seek clarity.

In comes Rich.

Through Rich’s incisive assessment of my desire spectrum, he helped me settle into the idea that it is okay to BACK OFF and trust the work I’ve already done. He helped me see how emulation of others reached a point of diminishing returns. With Rich’s help, I’ve managed to resist the allure of those constructs and to bask in the present moment. What I’ve found is exactly as Rich advised – I am realizing the outcomes I want without investing needless anxiety borne of undue expectations.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not one for trusting others with the inner workings of my mind. In his care, you’ll feel supported WITHOUT feeling EXPOSED. That makes all the difference. Trusting Rich lead to me better trusting myself, and that is the root of any accomplishment, in any area of one’s life.

There are life-coaches with training, with natural talent and with a gift for bestowing light upon the life of another. Rich is possessed of all three.”

Danny G., Venice CA

“Thank you Jen, as Life Coach Jen, you already Rock, I’m excited! I’m inspired, writing down some goals, refocusing thought, getting in the vibration of what I want. PS. Got some insight on How to keep my emotional vibration in love, play, joy, aliveness while I process emotions of heartbreak, anger and attract the former…stellar. Thanks Jen….I’m working it girl, working it, the assignment I got. 🙂 “

Stacey M., San Diego, CA