Dating & Relating Coaching

Whether you need to let go of past relationship, and/or are looking to find someone to create a great relationship with, or need some assistance in improving an existing relationship, we can help you create a happy, functional relationship.

Here are some real life testimonials we have received from our Love Coaching Clients:

“…She lives .8 miles away, and we are so in sync, Jenn. It is so incredible. It is so easy. It is magical and passionate and romantic and smart and stable and she has LITERALLY every quality I want in someone, as well. I cannot CANNOT believe what I was willing to settle for prior to experiencing her. She is communicative and expresses her feelings toward me so openly and eloquently. We talk about everything and it feels safe and secure, while at the same time, liberating. She wants and is ready for a long-term relationship and does not play games AT ALL. She has everything I have ever imagined and exceeds my expectations. She literally came “out of nowhere” and the Universe has blown my mind with this one. I am so in love. Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! THank you for all you did to help prepare me to meet her. W.O.W.”

V. M., Venice, CA

I  actually met someone and am soo happy!  He is all those things (we talked about). 🙂 I feel like a giddy girl. And everything we have worked on has helped so much – so thank YOU!”

S.B., Santa Monica, CA

“I would not still be married if it weren’t for your coaching methods. Thank you for giving us the tools to fall back in love with each other and make our relationship run smoothly again.”

Lawrence G, Woodland Hills, CA

Currently, 2 out of 3 of our clients seeking their life partners have manifested them in under 2 months after the end of coaching with us.

We’ve also helped people restore damaged relationships and help them run smoothly again.

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