EFT With Source Technique™ Practitioner Training


What if you could knew how to administer an effective drug-free & pain-free technique that could rapidly neutralize and manage any cumbersome emotion you or someone else were feeling, within just a few short minutes?

What if you knew how to help people be free from physical and emotional pain in just minutes?

What if you could also help them release limiting beliefs and form new and more empowering beliefs that could help them manifest whatever they want in their lives – relationships, health, prosperity, weight loss, connection to their purpose, peace, happiness etc, – in just minutes?

What could that do for your and other people’s lives?

How could you, or your clients, or friends, and family benefit?

Welcome to the world of EFT (which stands for “Emotional Freedom Techniques) also know as “tapping.” Created by Gary Craig, and popularized by Nick Ortner of “The Tapping Solution” and seen on “Hay House”, EFT is one of the most exciting modalities of energy psychology around today. A combination of Chinese medicine and western psychology methods, EFT was created in the eighties and is continually becoming more widely used and mainstream, because of it’s efficacy, both anecdotally and in clinical trials.

What is Source Technique™?

Source Technique™ is an advanced level of the modality, created by my personal mentor Robin Duncan.

In short, Source Technique™ can help you RAPIDLY “source” the root cause of any problem or issue. This is where the true, and lasting healing can occur.

Why I LOVE Source Technique™ so much: Robin and I are both certified in multiple healing disciplines, and I’d have to agree with there, that “if I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one healing modality with me, it’d be EFT with Source Technique”. This is because of the efficacy and brilliance of this method, and the healing we have both witnessed with our own eyes with this amazing method. Most of them are too unbelievable, miraculous and numerous to post here on the internet, but they are REAL nonetheless.

Here are just SOME of the stories I myself have personally witnessed in EFT with Source Technique™ sessions I have administered for others (and myself)

– Relief of chronic back pain of over 20 years (1 session)
– Relief from the pain of a break up (usually 1-4 sessions)
– Relief around a fear of failure (1 session)
– Relief around a fear of success (1 session)
– COMPLETE Relief of eye pain from a case of shingles that doctors said would last at least another year (1 session)
– Relief from severe morning neck spasms for 3 weeks in 1 session (a personal story)
– Relief from chronic laryngitis in 1 session (a personal story)
– Relief from chronic foot pain (4 sessions)                                                                                        – Almost instant prosperity manifestations (job offers or unexpected cash within 1-2 hours of completing 1 prosperity session)

and much, much more!

Taught by: International certified EFT with Source Technique™ Master Instructor and Practitioner and best-selling author Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker, CHt. Jennifer is also certified at the Mastery Level in NLP and hypnosis, is a Psych-K facilitator, and is a certified Life and relationship coach.

EFT with the Source Technique™ Practitioner Training (Beg to Mastery)
– 4 Days Professional Training and Certification – CEU’s available.

• Learn how to apply EFT on the “Root Cause” of a problem to release it for good

• Receive high-quality training, materials, live demos, master level coaching and live practice
• Whether you’re a new student or a seasoned EFT Practitioner, these proprietary techniques will advance your EFT skills to a whole new level of proficiency.

About this EFT Course:

During this 4 day EFT Mastery Training Series, Master Practitioner Jennifer Gaynor-Yaker will teach you EFT from Beginning to Mastery, along with the highly acclaimed EFT Source Technique. Traditional EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is directed towards the problem or “the effect” of the cause; such as cravings, pain, depression, weight gain, anxiety and more. These symptoms are the effect of something deeper (usually hidden) that is not being addressed. By identifying the actual root cause of the problem with the proprietary Source Technique and then applying the EFT tapping sequence, you address the real problem at its origin to ensure rapid and lasting results. Certification in EFT from The Miracle Center of California via Conscious Life Coaching (Beginning through Mastery Level Training)

• Exclusive training in our proprietary Source Technique which you will find to be the most important contributor to your EFT success
• In-depth training binder with step-by-step instructions, examples, interview forms, methodologies, short-cuts, proven techniques and guidelines
• EFT cards with written statements and affirmations (by topic) to use in sessions or on the go
• Live demos conducted by your instructor
• Sourcing “practice rounds” to build your skill in rapidly finding the root cause of a problem
• Personal healing and transformation during class as a result of repeated practice with the techniques and other students
• Supervised live practice sessions with other participants
• Supervised live practice sessions with guests we have invited to our classroom
• Graduation Requirement – Practice sessions are required for all students.
• CEUs-Continuing Education for qualifying organizations
• Discounts for returning EFT-Source Master Practitioners
• Returning Student Discount – You may attend our future EFT Source Technique classes for a 10% fee as a refresher and for continuing education, based on seating availability (offer subject to change).
• Updated course materials are available at an extra charge

Who Should Attend:  The EFT Source Technique Mastery Training is for those who love quality in-depth training, short-cuts, happy clients and lasting results! We teach you how to get to the root cause of the problem, quickly and easily, and then release its influence for good.

2018 Class Dates/Locations – Currently we are accepting participants for our next class. Please email conscisoulifecoaching@gmail.com to be added to the waitlist. 


Want to have an EFT With Source Technique™ Practitioner training program in YOUR area? Email consciouslifecoaching@gmail.com. Minimum group: 6 attendees.